Sofia Live Club - 18.05.2011 20:00 h
”I feel the music of Cuba, Colombia, Equador, Argentina, Puerto Rico as if it is my own essential heritage; the drummers from Guatire in Venezuela speak to my very soul, and although I do not come from there, I feel it like it's part of myself. I have traveled many sites, where the heirs of the African culture in Latin Amerca live - some are poor, forgotten places, neglected, abandoned from all governments; but where there is public oblivion, the spirit is living and you can sense the African presence. And I sing the songs from such places - although there are not many of them preserved. I try to show how the African presence left it's mark in the Latin America"
Susana Baca

Among the first in Europe!
Afrodiaspora Susana Baca will present her new album Afrodiaspora (Luaka Bop) with her new band - Sofia will be one of the first places where this will happen! Ask for the new album in  Dukyan Meloman and in the best music shops from 18 April!
Ticket prices (one drink included):
40.00 BGN - reserved seat ticket
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25.00 BGN - no reserved seat ticket
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